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Our Branches,

our collective effort!!

the spoken truth


 In efforts to spread the conversation of societal issues such as racism, sexism, homophobia, etc. and hopefully spark a significant and permanent change, we believe it is best to speak directly to our generation. Having these difficult conversations is something we find crucial in the process of societal inclusion and belonging; however, we understand that many people our age do not know where to begin when it comes to facing these challenges, so we found it best to offer a place where they can simply listen and internalize the different aspects of these issues. Educating yourself about social conflicts will allow for a greater passion to find solutions for them; the more the conversation spreads, the greater the acknowledgment of the problem and the greater the change.


For change to happen, unity needs to push through. That’s what we’re here for. Unifying the diverse communities of our generation not only brings new perspectives to the table, but it amplifies the voices of truth untold. Our goal is to seek out the attention of our generation's change-seekers and introduce them to resources capable of evolving them into change-makers, forming a healthy relationship with a shared language of participation, promotion, and feedback. We birth curiosity and grant awareness


All this talk about progress and change is only effective when put to action. With regard to that sentiment, the concept of outreach is to oversee fundraising and community projects to ensure impactful engagement and collaboration within our community. United with our partners, we believe we can truly redistribute wealth and opportunities accordingly, providing resources previously unreachable. Our collective efforts are in sake of progression and increased awareness, which only initiative can brim— our varying projects are dedicated to providing numerous outlets for youth to learn on and understand. We are a cycle of awareness, motivation, and change


solidarity in numbers


new perspectives



Education comes in all forms whether you’re reading, listening, or observing. For this reason, we cover a plethora of social issues ranging from racism to mental health, social media, xenophobia, etc.; our goal is to educate youth for change, so a solid understanding of the issues affecting our generation is crucial. Writing about these issues is not only difficult but it gives a voice to the unspoken, unearthing varying views and perspectives and giving power to those who need it. Our articles stand in solidarity; we stand in solidarity of our community, our generation, and our population


bold takes


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